OZ Lamb Shank


Vacuum pack includes imported Australian lamb shank, veggie and Brown sauce*
* Optional Blackpepper sauce
(please write “CHANGE TO BLACKPEPPER” in the Note Box section in checkout page)
Lamb Avg weight: 300 to 350gm

How to prepare:
Dip the sealed pack into boiling water for 8 to 9 mins
Unpack the contents and cook using
Microwave : 4 to 5 mins
Oven 220c : 5 to 10 mins (Choice between medium rare to well done)

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This fresh meal is prepared by chef at Sixty9 Islamic Steakhouse, Taman Melawati
Halal certified meat & sauce
* Fries not included, picture shown was actual full dine-in menu at Sixty9


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